Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Now Patching v1.00.1

The gaming industry as we all well know grows each year. New engines arise, beefy hardware stepping graphics forward and the games becoming more complex in code then they ever have been. Back in the 80's it would normally take less then a year to have written enough code to have a game up and ready. By today's standards it can take somewhere between 3-5+ years depending on the complexity of the game. With publishers setting a date on when they want the game release, it puts pressure on the developing team to fix as many issues as they can. 

Now back in the 80's-90's a game had to be perfectly coded. Once a game was released there would be no way of fixing any glitches in the game. During this era consoles have been dominating the gaming world. NINTENDO, SEGA, and SONY first and 3rd party developers had to always perfect their games. Unfortunately with a limited timeline it became more and more common to see glitches on many games. Since there was no way of fixing them, they would be a permanent part. 

PC games on the other hand didn't have much problems dealing with glitches, as they could simply leave a patch on the internet for anyone to simply download. Consoles didn't have this advantage as the hardware didn't have the capability to connect to the internet. Even if they did have the ability there would be no way to patch a game as it's either part of a physical disc or cartridge, and there was no data storage big enough to commemorate a patch. Tune in next time for Now Patching v1.00.2.

Farm Simulator 2013 - What is this Witch Craft

Playing some farm sim with my friends.


Saturday, 1 February 2014

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