Monday, 27 September 2010

How it all begins

I sit here in my living room with my 2-week-old son at 2 AM attempting to quell his hunger.  He is chugging back this foul smelling formula as if it were an ice-cold beer.  How things change.

How we go from enjoying the delectable flavors of lukewarm powdered formula to the savory taste of Kilkenny at room temperature, or a deliciously ice cold Sleemans on a hot summers day.  How we go from being a full time gamer with a full time job. And now I am a part time gamer, a full time husband, a full time father of two with a full time job.   Finding the opportunity to be a gamer as of late has been to say the least quite an undertaking.

To be honest. I have not been trying very hard to get on my Xbox.  Lack of motivation due to the erratic sleeping behavior of the little guy, has made the desire of going online fade to the very back of my thoughts.  With a 2 year old running around discovering anything and everything.  A wife recovering from the 9-month beating she received from the 9.5 pound soccer player in her belie.  And myself recovering from a job related injury.  We do not like to do things half way. 

When we had my daughter 2 years ago we braved the horrid 2 months of
colic, my daughter was a trooper the poor thing and I doubt I even turned the Xbox on during that period.  Then Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 came around.  I was in line the night before the release date.  By 1 am I was playing the campaign. By 5 am I had finished the campaign and gone to bed.  I got to play quite frequently.  My wife always encouraged me to play.  She still does.  Yes I am one of the lucky few, whose wife encourages...  NAY!  Insists that I play my beloved video games.

Prestige Edition

How things have not changed.  Call of Duty:Black Ops is due out on November 9th, 2010.  I have already ordered the Prestige Edition to be delivered to my doorstep the date of release.  And Yes I do believe I will finish the campaign the very same day.  Unless my family needs me of course.

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