Friday, 14 October 2011

Winter is almost here. Yay! MW3

Where Pumpkin Pies come from
 Trees are shedding their lush green locks.  The geese, smarter than the rest of us, are already heading south to avoid the foreboding polar front.  And Ghouls and Goblin's are looming in the background waiting for Hallows Eve so that they may gallivant out in the open among us without fear of persecution.  This can only mean one thing.  Autumn has officially arrived, and winter is just around the corner. 
Winter can be tough.

Most people prefer the summer months so that they can cook themselves in the scorching heat, doing various activities that always include copious amounts of unnecessary sweat.    It gets so hot that you don't have time to get all sweaty because it evaporates off of you before it gets a chance to accumulate.  In those horrendous times of heat exposure, you can only remove so many layers before you start to offend the people around you.  I, on the other hand prefer the onset of the winter months.  If I get too cold I can always add another layer of clothing.  I also get to use my snow blower.
CoD: Modern Warfare 3

The only thing more exciting than the up coming global warming event we have every year around wintertime is the soon to be released Call of Duty®: Modern Warfare® 3 which is officially out November 8th.  Therefore this November 8th is the second coming of Christmas for me.  Infity Ward and  Sledgehammer Games are the producers this year.  There are rumors out there fore telling many new options and possibilities in the 8th release of the Call of Duty series.  They promise this to be the most diverse version of this award winning series yet.  I have heard that there is going to be 30 or more perks to chose from, including perks for your weapons.  They have revamped the kill streak system and they have also supposedly fixed the panic knifing, much to my brothers dismay I am sure.  The kill streaks will be adjustable in each class.  Meaning that you can have different kill streaks in each class set up, making it even more important than ever to prestige as many times as you can to open up those class slots.  Special ops are going to be back as well, allowing you to play co-op online or in split screen.
Scene from MW3

They will be release a Hardened Edition this year no prestige.  In it's place to connect with your friends, create Private Clans for a personalized multiplayer experience where you can share, stream and stack up your Call of Duty Elite conquests online.   The free version allows you to track your career and to create and edit your in-game class from your computer.  There are several other options available but those are the two main ones that would interest me.  Now the bonus to paying 49.99$ a year and becoming a Premium member is that you get all the DLC (DownLoadable Content) for free.  That includes all map packs and the up coming guns and camos.  If you are planning on playing online a lot it might be in your best interest to get the Hardened Edition.  Because the regular version is 59.99$ and the Hardened Edition is 89.99$, but it comes with a year subscription to Call of Duty Elite a whole lot more features. The Free DLC alone pays for itself.  If you buy the 4 map packs separately at 15$ each not including all other content that they will be coming through the year.
MW3 Hardened Edition comes with 1 year of CoD Elite

Overall I am very excited with the up coming release.  It is looking, as though my family will be missing me in November.  I am sure I will find the time to miss them as well.  I hope.
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