Monday, 10 December 2012

Black Ops 2 is out and I like it.

Aside from GameStop messing up the delivery of my pre-order allowing me to get my game 3 days after the games release, I have been thoroughly enjoying the game.  

The graphics are terrific.  I was actually worried when I saw previews a few months ago with Treyarch depicting warfare based int he future.  I am not a fan of Halo and did not want to see Call of Duty going in that direction.  I am happy to say that they blended the past, present and future perfectly.  And the graphics make it the game it is.  

I also enjoy the new design of the guns and new equipment types.  The black Hat adds a new dimension to the gameplay.  It gives you another way to deal with campers and their enabling equipment such as the claymores and bouncing betties.  Just make sure you equip the Engineer perk you can easily spot said traps.

The sound is awesome.  There is a way in game to adjust the game sounds to your liking.  The gun sounds, bullet ricochets and background sounds are tremendously perfect.  

The Multi player takes some getting use to.  You cannot just run and gun anymore.  It is similar to the original Black Ops but it seems that connection is key and if you do not have it you are not going to win head to head engagements.  Still fun as hell and I love the new point system for building up your kill streaks.  Not only do kills add to your kill streaks but so does destroying equipment, kill streaks and assist.  Points from your kill streak kills are only 25 points where a gun kill can be 100 to 125 points depending on wether they are close to an objective or not.  

All in all I can say that this game is a big hit for my friends and I am going to play the crumb out of it.
See You Online.

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