Saturday, 2 October 2010

Can Hardly Wait

As I count down the days for the release of Call of Duty: Black Ops, I begin to anticipate the rush I will feel playing something new and exciting.  Preparing myself to be wowed by the newer and better graphics.   I get a tingle in my belly as I consider the new storylines with its possible twists and turns it will take me.  I giggle inside when I think of the array of new weapons I will be able to decimate my enemies with.  I look forward to playing to co-op version with my brothers and I most definitely look forward to shooting them with the ballistic knife in the new online game types.  The Anticipation is damn near killing me.  But I fear the one thing that always lingers in the back of my mind.  Are my expectations going to ruin the game for me?

Suzanne Somers
Quite some time ago I remember when the movie “The Fifth Element” had come out to theaters.  They were calling it the next Star Wars, only better.  I bought into the hype and expected to be wowed out of my britches.  Because I had listened to the adulations and expected so much, I actually found the movie to be one the worst movies I had ever seen.  Scantily clad Mila Jovovich saved it from being the absolute worst.  Several years later I was lying on my living room couch sick as a dog on a Sunday afternoon and there was nothing on TV.  Well nothing except for “The Fifth Element” and infomercials.  It was a toss up between the thigh master infomercial with Suzanne Somers or the scantily clad Mila Jovovich.  Mila won by a close margin.  I watched The Fifth Element again. This time I was expecting to be disappointed and because I expected nothing, I was pleasantly surprised.  The movie was quirky with its views of what the future had in store for us, but that made it fun and entertaining.  It was by no means the next Star Wars, but it was most certainly a movie worth watching.  I would most definitely recommend it to my friends.  If it happens to be on and there is nothing else to watch, I would watch it again.

Milla Jovovich

Now with all that being said.  I fear that I have built up my own set of expectations with the up and coming Black Ops Game.  After reading all the reviews and having watched every preview video on YouTube I could find.  I have a hard time believing that my assumptions will not be met, even though I have them set pretty high.  I have 36 days to dampen my expectations so that I can still enjoy the game if they do not manage to reach the goals they have leaked.  I just wish the butterflies in my stomach would go away.

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