Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Zombies, Kill Streaks and Matche Types! OH MY!

Halloween approaches and soon the door bell will be ringing non-stop with children screeching "Trick Or Treat!" dressed as vampires, Iron Man and Loonette the clown.  With preparations still needing to be done, such as the carving of the pumpkin, putting the final touches on the decorations outside and the making of candy bags, I cannot stop thinking about the more important subject at hand.  In 13 days Call of Duty: Blacks Ops will be released to the world and I will be as giddy as a can be.

Not only will there be a new story line to play out and new zombies to kill on new maps.  Both players with online accounts can rank-up while playing split-screen on the same console.  That is Awesome.  I have wanted this ever since I went to Montreal last spring and could not use my own account to play Modern Warfare 2 with my brothers.   But this is only available on only for Xbox 360 version.  PS3 and Wii console owner will be left out in the rain.

The game customization is even more epic.  You can program the Time Limit and Score Limit, or as deep as which weapons, Perks, and gear is available.  You want a Pistols Only match?  Make one!  No longer do custom game modes rely on trusting that my brothers are not going to cheat.  He always does, sooner or later.  I am not going to name names.  You know who you are brother.

They also announced that there will be co-op missions that you can play online.  Way better than the Special Ops that they had with MW2 and hopefully it will take more than 4 hours to finish the whole schlemiel.

They also have new online match types.  The Wager matches are where you bet a certain amount of COD Points before the round starts and you cycle through the weapons.  Start out with a basic pistol. After every kill, you get a better weapon. Kill someone with the pistol and you’ll be pulling out the shotgun. Plug the enemy with that and you’re whipping out the SMG. From there, the weapons only get better. Get shanked and you’re set back one tier. Get through all 20 tiers first and you're in the money.  The other Wager type game is where everyone starts with the same randomly selected weapon, and only that weapon. The chosen weapon for everyone cycles after fixed amounts of time. It could be every 20 seconds or every 45; we do not know the specifiable amounts. Each kill earns you a perk, and stringing kills earns you a score multiplier. Die and you lose both.  I am not a very good player nor am I great a gambling.  On the blue moon I might take 40$ and go to the casino.  If I start making huge money while playing black jack or on the slots I usually cash out and head to the cashier so she can convert my chips into money and then I am ready to go home with my pockets now bulging with the 40$ I started with and the 40 or 60 dollars I won.  So I am not too sure how often I will play that style of game but it is definitely something worth trying out.  Maybe if the stakes are low enough or if I somehow become an 31337(elite) player, so not anytime soon.

The other exciting aspect of this new game is the kill streaks.  There is going to be an RC car available after 3 kills.  This RC car has a pound of C4 on the back of it as well as a camera and a micro phone so you can track down your enemy from a safe distance and turn him into rat food.  Napalm is another kill streak that you can call in after 5 kills. Choose a target and direction on the map and a fighter jet will fly by dropping a load of hot napalm right on the target area.  Not only will it take out anyone unlucky enough to get caught in the blast, but the napalm will also continue to burn, incinerating anyone foolish enough to get too close.  This will be perfect on objective type game modes where you can protect an area temporarily while your either being over run or you are planning on overrunning them.  There a few more kill streaks out there.  I just do not know what they are yet, but i do know that the kills you get from your kill streaks do not add towards your next kill streak.  Meaning; you get 3 kills which gives you the RC car.  You drive that around and kill 2 people with the RC car.  You do not suddenly acquire the Napalm strike.  You will still have to go out and get those kills yourself. 

All these new things coming out under one tittle is exciting.  Add in the customizations you can do with you guns and face paints.  OH! BOY! OH! BOY!  I am counting down the days.  Look forward to seeing you on the battle field.
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